August 13

Business Strategies in Time of Covid – in Just 7 Minutes with David Gwynn

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How business owners can make adjustments during the pandemic
  • How Aliat company can help with your healthcare cost
  • Doing things on your own can be a real fool’s errands


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I would suggest that they reach out to me directly at my email address [email protected], and if they simply put in the subject line "free booklet" then I will email them a free, no obligation booklet of our services


David Gwynn (60) is the President and CEO of Transcendent. David is also Vice President of Business Development at Aliat, the DBA of Real Benefits Group, in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Before joining the Company, David worked as an Assistant Vice President (AVP) at the investment banking firm Kidder Peabody (New York, NY and Phoenix, Arizona) later acquired by General Electric, was Senior Vice President and rand the investment banking division at two regional brokerage firms in Arizona and founded a Venture Capital/ Investment banking firm in Scottsdale, Arizona serving as CEO and President.

In addition to managing money for international clients and families, David was instrumental in spearheading the public offerings of 3 technology IPO’s including Global Crossing. David has specialized training and experience in international finance, venture capital/ private equity, business analysis, securities analysis, portfolio management, trading, data analytics and segmentation, digital media and financial planning. David graduated with a BA degree from the University of Oregon Robert D. Clark Honors College and serves on the National Board of the University of Oregon Alumni Association.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

2:27 David’s ideal Client: Our ideal client at Aliat and our sister company Transcendent is the white and grey-colored market place; predominantly the professions are doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, professional services companies the most part. Typically, the employment sizes are 10 to 250 employees. We can also look at blue-collar businesses depending upon their lost experiences in regards to workers complaints. But most of our businesses is in the white and grey-colored segment.

3:11 Problem David helps solve: In the current COVID epidemic and the things related to making adjustments by business owners to a really challenging business environment. The problems that we really help to overcome for business owners is the myriad complexity of running and operating a business in 2020. Everything related to the high-cost of not only operating the business but also the cost of having employees that's cost-related to subject matter of not only dealing with things like payroll and tax, but also worker's compensation coverages, human resource concerns, employees benefits and safety concerns. We basically take that burden off the business owner's shoulders, and we do much so economically than they ever could on their own. And also provide them with very significant quality of benefits that they could never acquire individually. On top of that is our ability to control healthcare cost which basically double every six years and through a very unique partnership that we have with the Cigna insurance company or master contract, we can actually squashed those healthcare insurance rates all the way down to zero in terms of the rating crisis and keep them there.

5:00 Typical symptoms that clients do before reaching out to David: A lot of times, business owners kind of having a "u-huh" moment when they deal with all the complexity of running a business. If they are having an issue where they may be running the payroll at midnight, struggling with issues about HR compliance issues, perhaps employers are wondering "hey, why don't we have a 41K benefits plans. Those are the types of issues we typically get from people.

5:39 What are some of the common mistakes that folks make before finding David and his solution: Doing it on your own can be a real fool's errands because in this day and age, things are incredibly complex, the ability to negotiate large discounts is pretty much impossible for the individual business owner. Having the ability to leverage large purchasing capability, large numbers of employees, and the capability of also having negotiating experience in terms of dealing with financial markets, insurance markets, risk management and things along those lines, really helps the business not only to compete but also attract and retain top quality talent.

6:35 David’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): The thing that I would probably suggest along those lines is that if they want to visit our website,, they will get all kinds of information not only about our various kinds of services and cost, or things along those lines but also reach to us for free complimentary consultation. We're happy to address any questions with no obligations, and we're really here to serve people's needs in a really difficult time. We really want people to overcome the challenges of Covid.

7:29 David’s Valuable Free Resource (VFR): I would suggest that they reach out to me directly at my email address [email protected], and if they simply put in the subject line "free booklet" then I will email them a free, no obligation booklet of our services which they will find not only interesting but also informative in terms of not only what business owners expect us to help them with, but also some new information that they may not be aware of about how we can actually help short circuit the problems connected with healthcare cost.

8:21 What am I not thinking about in 2020? What am I not addressing? Those questions typically have to do with the types of risk that you really can't control. As a business owner, having the ability to have all of your various different aspects like the tax, the payroll, the worker's comp., the Human Resources, the safety, the employee benefits all tied up, really allows the business owner to focus on why they got in the business in the first place, why have a team engage in their vision. And at the end of the day, we really want to help people do what they love and we'll take care of the rest.

“We basically take that burden off the business owner's shoulders, and we do much so economically than they ever could on their own”  – David Gwynn

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