September 5

Building Your Business as the Industry Leader – Vinnie Fisher

BBS Podcast



Show Notes:

In this episode of the Business Builder Show, Bill Prater interviews Vinnie Fisher, the founder and chairman of the Fully Accountable Companies. Vinnie is an experienced lawyer specializing in growth strategy and leadership development, whose life has been devoted to helping others through law, personal advice, and education.

Vinnie has been instrumental in launching the careers of countless ambitious individuals and has a passion for developing and cultivating leaders. He believes that the bedrock of a good company is its leadership team and has stepped down as the CEO of his own company to promote a dynamic leader to the CEO position, modeling what he believes is critical in exponential growth in companies - leadership development.

Fully Accountable provides outsourced accounting and finance, fractional CFO, and accounting work to mid-stage companies doing north of a million dollars in revenue. Vinnie identified problems in mid-market companies that having a fractional CFO could solve. The accounting space is old and tired, and Vinnie wanted to make a difference by providing trustworthy financial information and language to businesses.

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