June 23

Authentic Follow Up…That Gets More “Yesses” – in Just 7 Minutes with Debbie Hoffman

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • The importance of making a follow up
  • Why you need a customer relationship management system
  • The power of referrals


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I got something super special, it's actually a two-part gift. The first is "Three Key Scripts to Follow-up your Sales w/o Being Sales-y". I'm going to share with you what to say when you found a card or you don't even know who they are yet. And what do you say then when you invite a potential partner to connect with you. So, 3 really great scripts. The other part is that I host networking event every month where I bring heart-centered entrepreneurs from all over the world. And listeners can attend 6 months or 6 events for FREE. People can meet potential clients, getting speaking gigs, or partnering up with people and getting referrals. It's in www.powerupyourfollowup.com/freegift-bundle


Debbie Hoffman is a heart-centered sales & follow-up expert, speaker and founder of “Power-Up! Your Follow-Up.” She works with relationship driven entrepreneurs, coaches, and network marketers who are letting potential clients and income slip through the cracks because they don’t have a reliable follow-up system in place. Her proven step-by-step formula supports them to have more ideal clients saying “yes” to working with them.

After 20 years of working on Wall Street as a Managing Director, with over $25-billion in sales, Debbie took her organizational skills (and an extraordinary ability to connect with people) and created multiple six-figure businesses. In addition, Debbie had tremendous success as a Network Marketer, having built an international team of several thousand consultants. She’s also a best-selling author and has a book highlighting her proven follow-up system… due out in 2022.

Her mission is to support entrepreneurs to share their gifts and get their message out in a big way so they can create the impact they’re here to make.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Debbie enjoys working with heart-centered, spiritually conscious coaches. She also works with consultants & entrepreneurs. She says that she can feel immediately a connection if they will be a potential client for her. These folks tell her that they are facing problems of having potential clients slipping away from them; which results to losing business equals losing income. They may tend to focus on doing that perfect website, perfect package offer, etc. but they are not making any following up or not having a sales process in place. These folks starts to feel frustrated or they're lacking confidence because they don't know exactly what to say when they make a follow-up. And adding to that, is that they are all over the place when it comes to having a system of potential clients. They have old business cards somewhere, various spreadsheet to pull out, and written notes everywhere. She further tells us that the best way to have a consistent flow of ideal clients coming to you is through referrals. But you need to know when to ask, how to ask, and also train people on how to get us the referrals. It's so much easier to have someone saying 'yes' to working with you when that person is referred to you. The chances improved by 300% when someone is referred to you.

Debbie’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): You need to have a customer relationship management system. You need to have a software to keep track of all of your potential clients, potential referral partners, a place to keep notes or something that will remind you to the next step. So, get a CRM. I do have a resources tab on my website, www.powerupyourfollowup.com/ . They are simple to use, they are affordable up to more expensive. But you need to have a system in place.

We all have this masculine & feminine parts of us; the masculine is how we get stuff done, and the feminine part is how we connect" – Debbie Hoffmann 

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