September 14

Accelerating Sales – in Just 7 Minutes with Paul Higgins

SBS Podcast


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Facing 'unpredictable referrals'
  • The mistake of not having a system in place
  • Three key things for predictable referrals


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A lot of people ask "how can I get those predictable referrals?". You need to have 9 critical questions that you need to have in place. We have those questions and it will only take you 3 minutes and the best thing after that, based on your results, I will then have a call with you. It's not a sales call, it's a planning. If you go to


Paul Higgins is passionate about helping business owners create a business asset that funds freedom in life. He feels blessed to have worked for Coca-Cola for 18 years, then launched his own business with a successful exit. In February of 2019, he received a life-changing kidney donation from his best friend. Given this second chance, he wants to make the most of it by helping others.

He is a podcaster with 300+ episodes, a book author, and has mentored hundreds of business owners globally. Paul has 27 years of combined sales experience but people are truly impressed by his professionalism, honesty, integrity and pure tenacity to get clients' results. Paul loves to spend time with his family, friends and playing golf.

Here are the highlights of this episode:

Paul says that his ideal clients would be consultants and SAS resellers. He tries to solve problems that they face such as unpredictable referrals from their networks or partners. Of course, these folks feel the exhaustion of doing everything by themselves, and often they don't know what they don't know. Therefore, they are not spending quality time with their family after leaving their corporate job to run this business. They are not having the freedom that they really wanted. They often believe that one day, things will change, but it doesn't. Often they hire a salesperson to come in. It doesn't work because there's no system to make it easy for the salesperson to do it. Recent poll of salesforce stated that 66% of sales is admin. If 66% of the stuff is removed from the salesperson, they can have a better return on the time invested in them. When you wonder how to get more predictable referrals, make these 3 key things: one is CONNECT- you got to be the face of the business. Second thing is CONVERT- once leads are coming in, there are a lot of ways to speed up the sales cycle. How do you amplify that? That's where you get strategic partners, that's the third one which is COLLABORATE. You can find out more of that from Paul's website.

Paul’s Valuable Free Action (VFA): Get yourself a virtual assistant. Get someone who can help you remove that 66%

According to the latest poll of salesforce, 66% of sales is admin. If we can remove 66% of the stuff from them, we can be sure to get a better return on the time invested" – Paul Higgins 

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