"I earned my reputation as America’s Business Alchemist™ by helping business owners and entrepreneurs break free of inertia and accelerate into the future they envision."

Bill Prater

How To Work With Us

1. Do It Yourself

A great option if you like to learn all about it and implement on your own.

You will be able to learn everything about Scaleology® and all of its philosophies, tools and techniques via a ten-week online video training program.

During the program, you will have access to weekly group coaching calls. You are free to attend some or all of the calls available to you. 

2. Get Some Help

Our most popular option. Learn and implement with fellow entrepreneurs.

Most of our clients select this option. 

These programs include everything listed in option #1 and features group coaching plus individual hot seats. 

There are several group sizes and different levels of access to Bill personally. 

You just determine the level of assistance is best on go with it. 

3. Have Bill Do It

If you want speed and ease. This is the ideal approach for you to take.

Only my very high end clients pick option #3. 

While this option includes all that is included in option #1 and #2, the primary appeal is a one on one relationship with Bill.

He acts as a fractional CEO to maximize company performance; and mentors the owner and other members of senior management as requested. 

Why Guess? Schedule A Chat With Bill

If you think Option #1 fits you best. Simply check out the resources and pick the ones you want.

However, If you feel you qualify for one of the last two options, simply request a complimentary strategy session with me, Bill Prater.

Together, we will determine if we are a great fit for each other. If not, you will still leave with a nugget or two to put into action immediately.