Produce a Full Day’s Results in an Hour

Without Having to Break A Sweat in the Process

About this workshop

Let us walk you through a proven system to accelerate your top line revenue plus increase your profits virtually every day of the week.

One that does not rely on you trying and failing with every new “hot” idea; seeing "solutions" you thought you could rely on letting you down; constantly dealing with fires; and, being frustrated seeing your business falling short of your dreams…

In this 16 minute presentation you will discover, create and be able to instantly implement a time-tested, proven technique to produce bottom-line results you only dreamed of in the past.

  • The transformation you’ll experience with these powerful personal productivity tools
  • The results our clients just like you, enjoy every day
  • The foundation of the model and precisely why it works

Your Host

Bill Prater - Founder of Business Mastery and the creator of the Scaleology® Model

He is known as America’s Business Alchemist™ for helping business owners break free of inertia, reimagine their business, and accelerate into the future they used to only dream of.

Full Day In One Hour Form

Jared Huyett // Private Equity Firm

I've been able to rapidly scale several businesses in different industries, without burning myself out. Why? I use the Business Mastery System for all of them.

Lucy Robinson // Owner Maker Mama

Bill is prolific with wisdom, advice and guidance. He challenges his clients to set their sights on the top and he coaches them on how to get there. You will get results if you work with Bill, and you will have fun in the process.

Greg Hill // Owner Keystone

Bill helped me build my business from an ordinary engineering firm into one I sold for a lofty premium and am now set for life.

Ken Cornett // Founder Estate Homes

Bill has been a great help to our companies through the years. Bill gave the companies a better structured system to achieve our business goals. Doing business with Bill was a great experience.

Barry Baker  // CEO Baker Construction

Since we started working with Bill, we have growth well over 10x, have the finest team ever, and are the envy of all our competition.

John Roth III // Founder SG3 Strategies

If you are looking for valuable assistance in achieving improvement at the highest levels of your organization, talk to Bill. Hands down the best I've worked with. He cares...and delivers.

Here are just a tiny fraction of my private clients from the past 20+ years