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CEO Alliance Overview

Hi, I'm Bill Prater, America’s Business™ and founder of CEO Alliance. Thanks for checking us out. I hope you will find we are a great fit for you.

I designed the CEO Alliance network as a safe place to help seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners who understand the value of creating a solid foundation so they can intentionally build their business.

When you do this right, you can:

  1. Start investing in their business systematically rather than buying and trying well-marketed shiny solutions just in case they are needed someday.
  2. Confidently find and choose exactly the right tools at precisely the right time.
  3. Collaborate with world-class subject matter experts, guides, fellow members, and me.

If that fits you, you are in the right place.

Although CEO Alliance has several levels of paid memberships anyone who fits our criteria can sign up for free. 

Our free members have full access to Live Events, Micro Courses, and Business Book Reviews. Plus, they can peruse the paid areas and decide to invest when the time is right.

Why You Should Join

We live in a time when so-called industry gurus flood us with the latest and greatest, hottest, and enticing new ideas. 

Each of us is convinced to buy these sorts of things in countless product launches, challenges, and summits on a weekly basis.

You are not alone if you have invested in one, two, or many of these; and, not implemented any.

The bottom line is: all of these approaches are all selling, selling, and more selling. They all use the line, "act now or lose this deal forever".

There is a better way.

Our network has totally obliterated that model.

We have created a loving, nurturing, and pressure-free environment providing genuine guidance so you can confidently take the right next step in growing your business.

As a result, you will exclusively be able to:

  • Experience articles, courses, live events, and conversations you cannot find elsewhere.
  • Meet people (like-minded entrepreneurs and experts alike) who share your interests, who live near you, who do the same things, and care about the same topics
  • Make better, more well-informed decisions about the things that are vital to your success in business
  • Swap stories, experiences, and ideas (not necessarily advice) around our shared mission.
  • Find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day.

What You Will Get

Thoughtfully Curated Content

As you know, there are literally hundreds of tips, tools, and courses readily available to you, the entrepreneur. 

The quality of these “resources” ranges from great to grim. 

We are constantly curating content like these. This means every post, article, event, and course in the alliance has been carefully cherry-picked for you.

Book Reviews

One of the finest resources on the planet is business books. However, they are not always good and/or right for you.

Because of a special arrangement with the founder of ReadItForMe, we have curated the best for you. There are 3 forms available.

Every alliance member has access to the Summaries. These “micro-summaries” are self-directed slide shows and give you the highlights of the book you pick.

Paying members also have Video Reviews available to them. These are rich-content, 10 to 12-minute reviews in video format. You will find them to be a fantastic way to understand the book’s content and to decide if you like the entire book.

ReadItForMe is an audiobook review service. They sell it for $299 per year. We gift every paying member of CEO Alliance one year free.


We host the Business Mastery Insights Hour on Thursday most weeks. These are live deep dives into topical business and management topics. They are generally hosted by me and I occasionally have guests. 

The Business Builders Show is broadcasted live multiple times each week. The days and times vary widely. I interview very successful business owners in every industry imaginable and from all over the earth. You will learn how they built and are building their business; the successes and failures they enjoyed or faced; and, what they are working on right now.

As a Free Member, you need to be in the audience to have access to the content. The recordings are available to our paying members.

In addition, we hold small private events for members of our highest membership levels.


These are free to everyone in CEO Alliance at any level.

At a minimum, these micro-courses will become available on a weekly basis. You can check every Tuesday morning and a new one will be there waiting for you. You can find the past mini-courses filed under the listed Topics.

The best way to find one of these is by searching for a keyword representing the problem you are currently trying to solve.


Some of these are offered free to every member. Others are paid. However, the paid courses ($300 to $600) are available to all Alliance Members on an ala carte basis at substantial discounts; and, some are included in higher level memberships for free.

Programs: 7 Essential Skills and Dynamic Growth Formula

These are major 10-week training and coaching programs designed to develop management skills; and, to install and leverage management systems. 

They are available only for purchase upon request.


This is a growing storehouse of business-related tools. They are a mixture of free and paid resources.

Paid Membership Level

I have a 20+ year track record of helping my clients dynamically growth their triple bottom line (revenue, cash flow, and business value). 

My private clients have me on long-term consulting retainers to be the catalyst to the owner and the senior leadership team. However, I am only able to work with a small number at any one point in time.

The vast majority of my clients have access to me through groups of various sizes.

One such group is available inside CEO Alliance. The Growth Accelerator level contains many significant benefits designed to make your business-building journey much faster and much easier than trying to learn and do it all yourself. You will be able to see the differences between paid and free on the chart below.

Dedicated Conversation Space

The CEO Alliance is a private space. It is a distraction-free home for all your questions, concerns, and conversations related to obtaining wealth and freedom while serving your clients at the highest level possible.

Sure, there's some water-cooler dialog (we like to have fun along the way as well). However, you will not see frolicking cat photos or your cousin's favorite rants here.

Even better, every topic, course, article, and event has its very own private conversation space where you can ask and get personal answers within each of those spaces.

Collaborative Learning

We're a community of experience—directly from the school of hard knocks. Our objective is to learn together.

Intentional Networking

We love to see the ways our members connect with one another. We have seen alliances forged and friendships formed.

We make it easy and safe for you to find and connect with others within the Alliance's conversational spaces or out in the real world if you like. All of that is possible knowing you are all on the same overall journey at possibly different stages and are in a terrific position to help each other.

There's Even More

Frankly, what I just told you is the tip of the iceberg. 

We have many secrets, surprises, and rewards in the works.

Imagine being able to get a free membership to a higher level next year, or even a free lifetime membership just for being an active, engaged member.

So, make a new habit and check in every single day, and get involved.

It will be the best thing you have ever done to ensure business success.

CEO Alliance Membership Levels


Includes everything listed below



  • Conversations
  • Support
  • Networking
  • Book Reviews
  • Live Events
  • Micro-Courses

Why wait?

There is no risk  - simply join at the FREE level and decide if you want to join a higher level to make things faster and easier. Your choice.

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