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All in all, being a business owner comes with a unique set of challenges that only other business owners can understand. The list of challenges below gives only a small peek into the world of entrepreneurship and fast growth.

CEOs, now more than ever, need support to tackle and navigate the challenges they face in their day-to-day lives.

Luckily, there is a community of like-minded CEOs — CEO Alliance Powered by Scaleology® — that does just that!

Who Is This For?

If you’re the owner or chief executive officer of a large, fast-growing business, you might have been featured on the Inc 5000! You know just how difficult it can be to captain the ship. Especially now after going through a pandemic, dealing with the internal and external factors that make leading a business hard is more topical than ever.

Why join us?

Learn and leverage concepts and ideas that have been successfully employed by contemporaries in different industries.

Why join us?

Pick and choose from the vast and growing library of curated business building books, articles and courses.

Why join us?

Participate in and/or watch recordings of Live Events covering topical subjects multiple times every month.

What Will You Gain?









What our clients are saying:

The tactics and dashboard approach I learned helped me understand what is vital today and tomorrow. The work I have done with Bill has been one of my best investments for my business.

Marty hoffer

Founder - Lumenomics

I have built my business from an ordinary engineering firm into one I sold for a lofty premium and am now set for life.

Greg Hill

Owner of Keystone Infrastructure Consulting

With the personal mentoring of Bill Prater and the help of his Scaleology® Model, we have doubled our revenue and cash flow this year; we now have the highest performing, most cohesive team ever.

Natalie barnes

Ceo, business alliance inc.

We have growth well over 10x, have the finest team ever, and are the envy of all our competition.

Barry Baker

CEO of Baker Construction Company

The mastermind has been a great help to our companies through the years. Bill gave the companies a better-structured system to achieve our business goals. Doing business with Bill was a great experience.

Lucy Robinson

Co-founder of maker mamas

I've been able to rapidly scale several businesses in different industries, without burning myself out. Why? I use the Scaleology® Model for all of them.

Jared Huyett

Private equity firm owner

Bill Prater  //  Founder Scaleology®

Bill earned his reputation as America’s Business Alchemist™ by helping business owners and entrepreneurs break free of inertia and accelerate into the future they dream of.

He loves nothing better than sharing what he has learned by working with those who are dissatisfied with the status quo and eager to transform themselves and their business. 

He created Scaleology® and the Business Mastery System™ as the core foundational principles of dynamic and continuous business growth.

A typical client of his sees their company rising to a position of preeminence and is not satisfied with just “getting to the next level”.

Bill Prater

What Should You Expect?

As a member, CEOs can expect to spend 2-3 hours per month engaging with other
members of the CEO Mastermind through virtual meetings.

Plus, you will have access to all the posts, articles, live events, and other resources with the CEO Alliance Community.

What Happens Next

Upon initiation, each member will:

  1. 1
    Be interviewed by the moderator and host of the CEO Alliance Mastermind, Bill Prater.
  2. 2
    Gain immediate access to the CEO Alliance Library, a vault of curated posts, articles, book reviews, live events, and courses.
  3. 3
    Contact information for CEO Mastermind members to get in touch with other CEOs strategically.