Great! I am looking forward to our live event!

So that you are able to maximize your time and marketing results on the program here are a few things you need to know.

You will be presenting to members (free and paid) of the Business Mastery Network. The vast majority of them are coaches, consultants, and service providers. 

As a rule, they are solopreneurs and entrepreneurs with staff. Most have revenue south of $1 million and many are just getting started. 

They are all heat-seeking missiles hoping to discover the right solution to whatever problem they are facing at that moment. The mission of the community is to help them stop hoping and actually find the exact solution when they need it.

We do that by curating solutions and organizing them by problem categories. My job to to find the subject matter experts wherever they are on the planet and bring one of them to the Expert Workshop Show every week.

That's why I am so pumped to have you in the lineup!

Here's a partial list of benefits to you:

  1. You, me and a few of my partners will promote your live event via email and on social media. Everyone who signs up becomes a free member of the community and you have access to them.
  2. My team will record your workshop and create a sales page to host it. That page will be a permanent part of Business Mastery. Members will find your page when searching for a problem keyword you have a solution for.
  3. Every week my team is promoting another subject matter expert's live workshop. As a result, you will be constantly having new members searching for and finding your recorded program.
  4. You will become a member of the community at the free level. This means you will be able to interact with every current and future member of Business Mastery.
  5. You, of course, are welcome to send traffic to your sales page within Business Mastery whenever you choose. In fact, I would appreciate it.
  6. Finally, I host a live webinar every month and my network of joint venture partners promote it heavily. The objective is to grow the Business Mastery membership. You will benefit as new members find your solution to their problem.

Our two teams are the ones who will be making the event super successful.

We know the event itself will be a winner. The key is in the marketing we both do beforehand. 

Each of us will be emailing our lists, posting on social media, and in my case promoting the event within the Business Mastery Community. We will give you the links and other materials a couple of weeks before the event.

We will be building several pieces of sales material for you - a registration page, the event agenda, and the evergreen sales page.

Assets Needed:

  • The Title for your workshop. Good formats might be: "How to _______ "; or "Why ________ "; or "Secrets of ________ ". And, if possible, a tagline as well.
  • A description of the problem or issue you will be addressing.
  • Solution bullet points (three to five are fine).
  • Workshop content overview (one to three paragraphs).
  • The Offer name and description.
  • A good headshot of you.
  • A mini-bio for introductions. 
  • Testimonials (two or three would be great).
  • Your Logo.
  • Last, but not least: 2 email swipe copies for my partners and me to use on the Wednesday and Friday before your live event.

Please get the above list of assets to [email protected] as soon as possible.

Although it is not required, if you have an affiliate program, I look forward to being one of them.

It is going to be great fun! See you soon.