Thanks for your interest in being a Subject Matter Expert in the Business Mastery Network.

I look forward to hosting you in one of our weekly Experts' Workshop programs and promoting your evergreen sales page every week from here on out.

The Business Mastery Network's mission is to help coaches, consultants and other service providers scale their business in a highly strategic manner.

The network already contains hundreds of tools, techniques, and resources available on a 24/7 on-demand basis. New resources are constantly being added as well. Members love it and will love your presentation as well.

The Live Experts' Workshop is one of the major benefits of being a member. Your signature program and its special offer will be one of the key resources available to them.

A new workshop goes live every Tuesday at 11 am Eastern. Hopefully, as you look out into the future you will find a day that works for you.,


The best part is it will be fun and one of the most productive things you have ever done.   

Position yourself alongside your most successful peers and get your signature program in front of the right coaches and consultants at the right time and place while generating a buzz for you and your products.

Evergreen Promotion   

I am building a habit among my members. Both free and paid members have unrestricted access to all the Live Events. They both expect and look forward to the promotional announcements every single week.

Here's what this means to you.

  1. You will have your own custom landing page to get registrants for your presentation. You, me, and my partners will be emailing their lists and promoting you on each of our various social media channels.
  2. Your presentation will be recorded a positioned on your private sales page within the community. This means your workshop and offer will be available for any member searching for a solution to their current problem.
  3. Every single week another Subject Matter Expert will be presenting. They, together with me and my partners will be promoting the event. This means you will benefit as new members join the Business Mastery Network and look for your solution.
  4. You can and should consider your sales page within the community to be one of your most valuable assets. From time to time, simply promote that page as an ongoing part of your marketing efforts.
  5. I run a live Webinar/Masterclass every month explaining the community and offering membership to the participants. You will benefit from that effort as the membership grows filled with prospects for your unique and curated solution.

The Best Part   

There is no cost to you. You simply need to find the time that works for you, show up, and deliver one of your fine and provocative solutions in a true workshop/training fashion.

Of course, I believe membership in Business Mastery to be a superfine investment and would welcome you as a paying member.


I'm Bill Prater, and my entire career has centered on helping business owners dynamically scale their businesses. I am a creator, teacher, coach, and mentor known as America’s Business Alchemist™ because of my proven ability to literally transform companies. 

Yes, most of them are in the high seven to nine-figure revenue area; and, have a management team. These companies have seen their sales, profits; and business value increase by multiple billions of dollars.

I've also got a highly successful community of entrepreneurs called the Business Mastery Network. It is filled with coaches, consultants, and other services providers with much smaller companies.

Each week, I host subject matter legends in their respective industries with solutions to the communities members' problems. 

They present their signature program to an exclusive audience filled with their exact prospects.   

If you're wanting to jump to the front of the line and present to them, this is your chance.   

I'd like you to be a guest on my program.   

I'm always on the lookout for guests who can bring something unique to my community, demonstrating not only their success, but explaining how they've done things in a new way, or a little differently to ensure they stand out. 

True masters of their craft.   

If you're looking for your next great stage, you've found it.

You cannot miss the opportunity.   

Here's How It Works   

You select one of your signature programs/workshops/training and create an exclusive offer for my community.

At 11 am Eastern on some Tuesday in the not-so-distant future, the cameras will roll.

I will introduce you and your topic then hand the ball to you. 

You will have full control of the presentation and a chance to fully engage the participants.

Then, you will make your offer to solve their problem and give them a call to action.

After you finish, I will jump back in and facilitate the questions and answers. 

When we are done, I will thank you and wrap things up.

Then, my team will add the event recording to your private sales page and post it in the community as your evergreen selling resource.

That's it for you. You have done everything I asked for and now have a marketing program on auto-pilot.

It Is A Win-Win   

Let me help take your business to the next level, and share your insights with my community.  

I will be able to provide another top-notch solution to my network, and build the membership in Business Mastery.

Click the booking link below, and let's schedule a time for your event. 


Looking forward to it.


Bill Prater

America’s Business Alchemist™